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26 best gifts for girlfriends of 2023

Jun 08, 2023Jun 08, 2023

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Whether your bae loves painting her nails, going camping or a good movie night, you’ll find something for her in this gift collection.

You wouldn’t be dating her if she wasn’t amazing. But here you are wondering how to show her how much she means to you.

Worry no more — we’ve put together an extensive list of gifts to help you find the one that’s just right for your girlfriend.

And, no, we didn’t just hand-select a variety of chocolates, flowers and jewellery (though we did include a few).

From Valentine’s Day to her birhtday to just because and no matter what your boo prefers, you’re sure to find a good gift (or two… or more!) that will make her smile.

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Though it is a bit cliché, you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates, and these indulgent treats from Läderach in particular will have her falling in love with you all over again.

If your girlfriend loves painting and making things, then she’ll love this home-use pottery kit. It comes with clay, paints, tools and cute instructions for all kinds of little projects.

So you want to make your girlfriend feel like a princess? Gift her this pampering skin and hair care set, and she’ll end up feeling like a queen.

We tried this set out ourselves, and we’d be surprised if your lady didn’t end up loving this spa kit. Between the incredibly soft hair wrap, the revolutionary toning body serum and the deeply hydrating hair mask (which also smells divine!), you’re sure to get major brownie points with this indulgent gift.

This is definitely on the pricey side, but if your ride-or-die needs a new pair of headphones, these Beats could be the answer to her prayers. Plus, you can choose from seven different colours to find the perfect fit for her.

For the girl who likes to keep her nails looking fresh, this set offers four pastel nail colours with long-lasting full coverage.

If your girlfriend is like us and doesn’t have the time or patience to paint her own nails, go ahead and gift her a luxury manicure or buy her some of these stunning (yet simple) stick-on nails.

Whether she has a stressful job or her body tends to hold onto tension, this massage gun makes for the perfect gift to help her relax and unwind. We like this one because it packs up small and comes with four attachment heads. Bonus points if you offer to give her a massage yourself.

Struggling to find a gift because she really seems to have all she wants and needs? For those times, it’s hard to go wrong with flowers. This bouquet brings together a selection of seasonal blossoms so that every time she sees them she’ll think of you and how much you love her. Wins all around.

prices vary based on phone and case type

The great thing about Burga phone cases is that they’re super customisable. Choose from three phone protection levels, whether you want MagSafe included or not and choose from loads of cute colours and patterns. There’s a phone case here for every girlie — even our pickiest of editors could find at least one pattern that spoke to them.

We personally prefer the Tough cases because the designs arap around, but the Elite offer more protection for gals who tend to drop their phones more often.

For an extra personalised touch, you can get your girl a case to match her zodiac!

For the gal who likes to travel, get her a map where she can scratch off every country that she’s visited or those that are on her bucket list.

We picked this one because you can scratch off extras like continents she’s visited and which of the seven peaks she’s climbed. And if you’re lucky, maybe she’ll invite you on her next trip.

While each girl has her own taste, this silky satin dress comes in three flattering colours and the wrap style means it will suit a wide range of sizes. We think most girls will find it hard to resist the romantic ruffled skirt while the more square shoulders mean this dress can be worn to the office or out for date night.

Of course, it would look even better paired with some sleek jewellery, like this minimalistic personalised bracelet.

And if you’re looking for a pretty dress to gift a curvier girlfriend, this stunning Plus Wrap Extreme Sleeve Smock Dress is available in three colours.

Some girls enjoy shower time as a relaxing ritual and a space to review their day and re-energise themselves. If your girlfriend is one of them, try gifting her a yummy-smelling whipped soap from Sassy Shop Wax.

They’ve got loads of scents to choose from — including the sugar-sweet Neon Unicorn and the refreshing coastal Seychelles — so go a bit wild and pick a scent that you think your boo will adore. We personally love this Blackberry Cider scent as it’s not as sugary sweet as some of their other offerings while still smelling fruity and fresh.

Calling all green thumbs! If your gf loves her plants, gift her this ‘string of hearts’ plant in an adorable hanging coconut pot to show her how much you care. The heart-shaped leaves make for a perfect gift reminding your lady of your love.

Some girls love to write, and if you’re dating one of them, then this notebook may just be the perfect gift for her. You can personalize all the text on the front cover and it comes in ten different colourways.

And if you want to get even more creative, Papier has tons of cute notebooks (nearly all can be personalised!) including this ‘Full of Heart’ pattern and this gold foil ‘Constellation’ option.

Does she spend half her time thinking about her next adventure and the other half planning it? Then this trendy yet hardy backpack will get her through all kinds of situations — whether around town or out in the wild. Choose from 11 adorable colours to pick the right one for your bae.

If your girlfriend is a YouTuber, TikToker or Insta Reel maker and she doesn’t already own a ring light, you may very well make her day when you gift her this light and tripod set. She’ll love the adjustable height and smartphone holder.

One of the more unique gifts for girlfriends to make our list, dog lovers and whimsical girls alike will get a kick out of this dachshund table lamp. It also makes for a great conversation starter — and it’ll remind your girlfriend of you every time someone points it out.

Does your girlfriend have luscious locks of long (or short) hair? If so, you’re sure to win major brownie points by gifting her this luxurious 100% mulberry silk pillowcase. The silk prevents hair breakage during sleep as well as frizzing and facial creasing.

The price tag may seem a bit high for a pillowcase, but when you consider that it’s 22 momme pure silk with all of the health and beauty benefits included, the cost makes sense. And it comes in lovely chiffon bag packaging, so you won’t have to spend extra money on wrapping.

You can also combine the pillowcase with Holistic Silk’s classic eye mask, which is also 100% silk and helps to hydrate the skin while also blocking out light for a good night’s rest.

Both the pillowcase and eye mask come with lavender sachets to help promote restful sleep and relaxation. We can confirm that any girl sleeping with this set will feel like a princess.

Get ready to customise if you choose this gift — you get to pick the label design, what it says and even what scent of candle you think your significant other would like best.

Nothing says cosy like a pair of faux fur slippers, and we are obsessed with this adorable Barbiecore pair. We suggest pairing these pink cross-over mules with some cosy leggings or a box of chocolates and an at-home movie date night.

Whether your girlfriend loves to track her workouts or she’s just always rushing to be on time, gifting her an Apple smartwatch could make you boyfriend of the year.

If she already has an Apple watch, go for a fun new watch accessory like this sparkly watch band instead.

This spa set offers exactly what you’re looking for if she loves essential oils, diffusers and all things aromatic. It comes with a facial serum, body and shower oil, food supplement, body spread and a scented mist.

We tested the Energise and Uplift option — perfect for when your girlfriend needs a positive boost of ginseng and lemongrass — but you can also choose from their Rest and Sleep, Detox and Purify or Relax and Calm options.

While personal alarms like this won’t guarantee her safety, they may offer your boo — and you — some peace of mind. We love this one’s chic, sleek design and that it’s rechargeable.

Up the ante and boost her confidence even more with a date to a self-defence or martial arts class.

If your bae loves to cuddle, then surprise her with this extra plush throw blanket — it comes in seven different colours. Earn some bonus points and let her snuggle in this throw on the sofa while you make dinner.

Make her feel like a true Hollywood star with this light-up mirror. It comes in two different frame colours, and the lights are easy to control via a touchscreen built right into the mirror face.

If she’s wearing jumpers in the middle of July to stay warm because she’s always cold, then she needs this super soft, reheatable plushie unicorn — or this avocado if she’s not into sparkly horses. The unicorn comes pre-scented with lavender, adding to the soothing effect.

Minimalistic and chic, you can personalise this delicate bar bracelet to suit your girl’s colour and style preferences. Even better, you can add a personalised message that she’ll be able to wear on her wrist.

Matching pyjama sets are just so cute, and we are loving this lettuce hem option from ASOS. Mix and match to make the perfect combo for your sweetheart, or treat her to all four pieces.

Give her a gift that keeps on giving — to the both of you! Full of 50 challenges for you and your boo to complete, you’ll have an easy resource to keep date night interesting for months to come.

We think you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers or a box of gourmet Swiss chocolates.

But if you’re looking for a more memorable gift, we think the pottery craft kit or Adventure Challenge book would be a great option that you can both enjoy.

And if ‘romantic’ is the vibe you’re going for, we definitely recommend a personalised bracelet with a sweet message just for her.

In the end, the best gift for your girlfriend is the one that comes from you — whatever funny, sweet or thoughtful gift you give her, give it with love!

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