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Best Labor Day sales on mattresses, bedding, bed frames and more

Jul 01, 2023Jul 01, 2023

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The Labor Day sales bonanza continues with sales, sales, sales across the board on bedroom essentials. Make your bedroom the coziest place to fall asleep with these exceptional deals on comfortable mattresses, sturdy bed frames and luxury sheets.

1. Nolah Evolution Mattress

This deal cannot get any better. Nolah has arrived with a near 40% Labor Day sale on its award-winning, hybrid Evolution mattress (along with two free pillows) to secure you sleeping peace of mind and robust back support.

Image credit: Nolah

2. Saatva Classic

Say Good Morning America in style as this GMA-approved "Best Mattress" from Saatva is currently on sale at its lowest price in nearly 8 months. This will quite literally elevate your sleep game with plush layers and a breathable cover, giving you the hotel luxury you deserve in your home.

Image credit: Saatva

3. Brooklinen Sheets

"Get the good sheet" is the motto of Internet-famous small bedding business Brooklinen, and they certainly provide the goods with their sheets. Get their core sheet set at 15% off, and you'll be rolling in a soft luxury cloud come nighttime.

Image credit: Brooklinen

4. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Ah, Brooklyn Bedding: your best-choice mattress with a considerable amount of oomph. At an affordable price, now 25% off, secure your nights with high quality foams, cozy pillow top, and free shipping: always free shipping.

Image credit: Brooklyn Bedding

5. Nectar Bed Frame and Headboard

It's 33% off everything over at premium bedroom manufacturer Nectar, and you have to cast your eye out to the Nectar bed frame: just enough space above ground to feel safe at night, just low enough to get off the bed in the morning, now at a beautifully affordable price.

Image credit: Nectar

6. Nolah Original Mattress

Nolah's diversity in choices is one of the company's proudest points, and its dynamic pricing is reflecting in the Original, available at a lower price but of similar sleep quality to its Evolution offerings.

Image credit: Nolah

7. Brooklinen 7-piece

How about another Brooklinen recommendation? That is how much customers trust the brand, and at 20% off including bundle savings, you won't have to worry about changing sheets for years to come with Brooklinen's breathable fabric and luxurious tweed.

Image credit: Brooklinen

8. Zinus Mattress

This one is for the off-to-college kids. Make your first mattress one to remember with pressure-relieving foam, robust bounce support and exceptional cooling properties; your new college home just got much more comfortable.

Image credit: Amazon

9. Levoit Air Purifier

A perennial best-seller on Amazon, the Levoit Air Purifier is highly rated by customers and ranks first on Amazon's HEPA Filter Air Purifiers. Get rid of the smells in your bedroom as well as in your home.

Image credit: Amazon