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Golden Retriever Puppy Pulling Up a Blanket to Cuddle With Toddler Is Capturing Hearts

Jun 20, 2024Jun 20, 2024

TikTok user @shessdelreal might have captured the most precious video we've ever seen of a puppy and toddler. We already know that dogs and children have a special bond, but this puts it in a whole new light.

Instead of the child following around the dog like we typically see, this puppy was seeking the toddler's love and affection. The puppy pulled up a blanket right next to to her besite. Take a look!

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Shut the front door! Have you ever seen anything more precious than this?! This Golden Retriever puppy could've gone anywhere in the house to take for nap time, but she wanted snuggles from her favorite tiny human. The fact that they're both wrapped up in the blanket further proves they're two peas in a pod.

Aside from having adorable and precious moments like this one, there are plenty of reasons why pets are great for young children. We understand the frustration that might come with raising both pets and kids, especially since oftentimes parents are left dealing with all the pet responsibilities. But we'd like to argue that owning a pet with young children in the house actually teaches them responsibility. You can assign your child a few pet chores like feeding, brushing, or walking them.

Owning a pet increases physical activity since kids will be playing or walking the dog more. And while pet ownership is great physically, it is great mentally as well. Children who grow up with pets are taught empathy and how to build social skills. Plus, who doesn't want the companionship that pets bring to our lives? Overall, we believe it's a win-win for families with children to own pets.

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