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Hatchet and pickaxe used to threaten BPD officers

Jan 09, 2024Jan 09, 2024

BEDFORD – On Tuesday, August 29th, a Bedford man was arrested after Bedford Police officers responded to a report of an unwanted male at an apartment at 1300 I Street.

When police arrived they spoke to a female who lived in the apartment requesting that 29-year-old Connor Morgan be told to leave.

Morgan stated that he did not live at the apartment and had simply spent the night there when asked by the police. He then became agitated, stood up, approached the officers, and told them to leave.

Police questioned Morgan as to why he would not leave the apartment and that is when he began to yell, and aggressively approached them, telling the officers to leave.

Morgan then shut himself in a bedroom, refusing to exit when ordered by the police.

The officers opened the door and found Morgan lying on the bed with a small hatchet in his hands. He placed the weapon back into a sheath and kept it tied around his wrist when officers ordered him to drop the weapon.

He then reached underneath a blanket on the bed and grabbed a pickaxe. Morgan did comply with the order to drop the pickaxe, however, he approached the officers in an aggressive manner with the hatchet still attached to his wrist. Morgen attempted to close the door but officers prevented him from closing it. It was at that time, Morgan shouted “Shoot me then punk”.

As Morgan sat back down and moved the pickaxe from the bed to the ground while holding the hatchet, an officer TASED Morgan. Morgan was successfully detained, although he continued to resist.

Morgan was medically cleared after an ambulance responded to the scene and removed the TASER prongs.

Morgan was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, criminal trespass, and intimidation with a deadly weapon.