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Pokemon Cleffa, Natu, and Clodsire Plush Cushions Appear

Sep 02, 2023Sep 02, 2023

Sanei will release new Pokemon plush cushions sometime in mid-November 2023. These are part of the fifth batch of the company’s Potehug Cushion series. You will be able to purchase plush toys of Cleffa, Clodsire, and Natu. They’ll be available via the official Pokemon store in Japan. However, it’s unlikely that they will appear in the North American one.

The Potehug Cushion series from Sanei are soft and squishy plushes that have beads or pellets in the butts. According to the tweet from Sanei, these cushions are good for hugging because of that. Other Pokemon that have appeared as part of the Potehug Cushion series include Rowlet and Dedenne.

Here are some more pictures of the three new upcoming Potehug Cushions from Sanei:

Of the three new Pokemon cushions from Sanei, only one of them—Clodsire—is from a new region. Both Cleffa and Natu originate from Generation II. While it evolves from Paldea Wooper, it is not Paldean Quagsire. Much like how Perrserker and Persian are two entirely different Pokemon despite evolving from Meowth, Quagsire and Clodsire are separate species.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are readily available on the Nintendo Switch. The DLC, The Indigo Disk, will come out some time in Winter 2023.