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The 7 best places to buy curtains in 2023, with designer tips

Aug 18, 2023Aug 18, 2023



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Curtains, perhaps, are an element of home decor that people don’t really think too much about. I’ll just get the least expensive white curtains to match everything.

Sure, this thinking may suffice for most cases. However, there are a plethora of retailers that have some of the most beautiful curtains on the market — some colorful, others neutral and all with grandeur appeal.

“Curtains are essential for a home — for providing privacy, softness and comfort,” Meg Lonergan, principal at Meg Lonergan Interiors and professional interior designer, told the New York Post. “People don’t realize they help with the acoustics of a space so much by absorbing sound.”

Ahead, we pulled the 7 best places to buy curtains — along with hand-picking specific favorites from each brand or retailer. Alongside our recommendations, we crafted an in-depth FAQ section with Lonergan’s expertise, including what to look for in curtains and how to properly install them.

“Investing in custom drapery elevates your home or apartment to a new level,” Lonergan notes. “They are comfortable, inviting, cozy and they provide privacy, acoustic relief and softness to your space.”

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Amazon has a wealth of curtain options to choose from — whatever your aesthetic is. If you’re on the prowl for a best-selling item that’s recommended by a boatload of shoppers, look into the PRIMROSE 96″ Velvet Blackout Curtains ($49). They’re available in several stunning colors as well.

The DriftAway 50″ Isabella Faux Silk Embroidered Window Curtains ($29) are a budget-friendly option that’ll match your room, but add a little pizzazz at the top, near the rod. Additionally, the FantasDecor 108″ Linen Curtains ($36) are a lovely, easy-breezy options.

Anthropologie has some of the most coveted, dreamy assortments — from accent chairs to vases — and its curtain offerings are no different. For an eclectic yet neutral touch, how can you resist the Embroidered Flemming Curtain (starting at $158), complete with black-and-white territorial tigers?

What’s more, the Mindra Curtain (starting at $78) are a simply beautiful, bohemian option, affixed with oversize tassels and a statement aesthetic. Just as glamorous, the Henrik Curtain (starting at $78) are a bolder, emerald green panel that includes precious petals and flowers throughout.

JCPenney isn’t just your run-of-the-mill, brick-and-mortar department store, anymore. You can find dozens of curtains available online, including much-loved options like the Max Blackout Prescott Embroidered 100% Grommet Curtains ($48).

Other options we recommend include the Regal Home Embroidered Sheer Curtains ($10) that are extremely budget-friendly and will offer your space a more open feel. We love the Linden Street Gwen Basketweave Curtains ($64) as well, much ado to its A-line silhouette with a lovely amount of flow at the bottom.

Much like its furniture selections, West Elm is a home run for curtains. Its collection of window treatments and drapes is of the highest quality, too. Take the best-selling Worn Velvet Curtain (starting at $110), for example. Its creamy and dreamy neutrals are a sight to see.

You may also love the Crossweave Curtain (starting at $67) that’s similar to the Worn Velvet Curtain but a bit more sheer. Oh, and the Mid-Century Basketweave Curtain (starting at $95) is sure to complement any home aesthetic.

Aside from its home design magazine-ready dressers and decorations, Pottery Barn has a wonderful array of curtains to choose from. Its best-selling Emery Linen Curtain (starting at $159) may be the ones we have our eyes on the most, along with its Broadway Curtain (starting at $99) that has a more simplistic design.

Not to mention, if you want to transform your bedroom into a peaceful oasis, look no further than Pottery Barn’s Peace & Quiet Noise-Reducing Blackout Curtains (starting at $109) that provides energy-saving insulation and helps filter unwanted light and sound from your space. Talk about incredible.

Sing it with us: “Wayfair, you have just what I need,” This includes curtains, and we’re all about a good variet (something the online retailer does pretty well, if we do say so). Shop the Wayfair Basics Solid Room Darkening Curtains ($11) for an affordable buy that’ll match any room.

You can also opt for the Winston Porter Carissia Polyester Sheer Curtains ($19) for more of a pleated look that’ll offer your space more texture and character. Another top-recommended option from us? The Lark Manor Alexiyana Printed Room Darkening Curtains ($34) are an accent that has a lovely design and are still effective in the lets-not-get-blinded-by-the-light department.

Meet Ballard Designs — the direct-to-consumer brand with lavish options to adorn your space. Stunning curtains like the Isabella Drapery Panel (starting at $143) have caught our attention, along with the Celia Crochet Café Panel ($129) that would look chic in a powder room.

What’s more, the French Knot Drapery Panel (starting at $231) will add a nice, pom pom-inspired touch to any space (oh, and that blue color is simply divine).

Ahead, Lonergan gives us the 411 on what to know about curtains before buying them — including installation and tidbits to keep in mind. In short, consider this your all-in-one curtain guide.

“We love curtains with taller bigger windows, in spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms,” Lonergan tells The Post. “Shades are more appropriate for smaller windows and in more utilitarian spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.”

More, she recommends curtains that are black-outlined and interlined, which is three layers of fabric that give them weight. “They will last longer this way and also look and feel substantial,” she adds. “We prefer them kissing the floor, and in some cases pooling on the floor.”

Below, Lonergan lists some tips and tricks to keep in mind prior to your next curtain snatch-up:

Above all else, Lonergan likes natural fabrics, 100% linens, silks or wools because “they drape and hang more beautifully,” she notes.

Be sure to note that curtains need to be hung at least six to eight inches over the top of the window frame. “The rod needs to extend past the window six to 12 inches on either side,” she notes. “We prefer custom rods which don’t extend so they are a single diameter across; they look nicer this way.”

Additionally, Lonergan prefers French elbow return rods. “Buy C rings if you need brackets so your curtains can glide over the rod,” she recommends. “Don’t forget drapery wands so your hands and fingers aren’t dirtying the fabric each time you open and close them.”

“We’re using a lot of unlined ivory sheers in our interiors lately; there is a softness about the sheer which is so calming,” she adds. “They are able to provide privacy while also filtering light.”

Lonergan chooses fabrics that are 118 inches wide so her team can make them seamless. “This look goes with any style of interior,” she says.

According to Lonergan, curtains need to be professionally removed and dry cleaned. “They should be vacuumed regularly remove dust, bugs etc that gather on them over time,” she advises.

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Make sure that the curtains cover the windowMake sure they at least kiss the floorMake sure the fabric feels timeless Get seats. Earn rewards. Experience it live.