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The Best Meditation Cushions for Putting Your Mind at Ease

Aug 24, 2023Aug 24, 2023

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Get cozy and unwind with these comfy accessories designed for improved wellness.

There’s no doubt about the potential benefits of meditation. The practice has been cited as a worthwhile activity for lessening stress, boosting mental clarity and even alleviating chronic pain. However, touting a discipline as beneficial and actually starting it are two different endeavors entirely.

If you’re curious about meditation as part of your daily regimen, one of the first things you’ll need to create is a comfortable space for practice. After all, you’ll be sitting in silence, often cross-legged, for extended periods of time in order to clear your head and find that all-important flow state. Rather than signing up for a complete remodel of your extra bedroom or floor plan, you can instead create this calming atmosphere with a few key items, like a worthwhile meditation cushion.

These plush and cozy pillows and mats can help you find a comfortable position for unhindered thought, and can also take some of the strain off your back and knees during sessions. Additionally, meditation cushions allow you to separate your activity from your other surroundings — having a dedicated spot to reflect and think can be beneficial to your practice overall.

But with pillows aplenty from a slew of brands offering unique fills, shapes, sizes and more, which one is the best for at-home practice? Rather than leave you stressing over which profile is prime for your setup, we’ve gone on a journey of our own to determine the best meditation cushions available today.

I’ve been using meditation as part of my weekly regimen for a while now, and over that time I’ve evolved from sitting atop a bed pillow to some of these more dedicated profiles listed below. Points of emphasis in curating this guide included each cushion’s shape, build quality and (of course) price point. I also varied my time spent in thought, when appropriate, to see how efficient these pillows were in keeping my frame comfortable regardless of how long I stayed in practice.

This meditation cushion from Florensi is my top pick for at-home practice due to its classic aesthetic, soft velvet exterior and approachable price point. Plus, the buckwheat filling is great for creating a seat you can truly sink into but not through, allowing you to remain in position for longer periods of thought.

Additionally, this Florensi Meditation Cushion features a removable, machine-washable shell, so cleanup is as easy as loading your washing machine. I do recommend taking advantage of the convenient carrying loop, though, when toting this silhouette from room to room. This profile is a little on the heavier side, so be sure you have a confident grip on your pillow before changing up your scenery.

A great way to create an ideal meditation environment is to use equipment that’s good for you and the earth as well. This impressive silhouette from Avocado is constructed from fine GOTS organic-certified cotton and all-natural, plant-based buckwheat hulls to create a profile with more than enough intent. Plus, I appreciate the 7-inch height of this pillow, which makes it easier for my taller frame to achieve the right seat.

The Avocado Organic Yoga Meditation Pillow also boasts an elegant aesthetic thanks to the natural makeup, but I would bring some gentleness to the profile when handling. Rough use and extended wear and tear can show easily across the seams, according to some, so make sure to treat this eco-minded pillow with as much respect as you would (should) the Earth itself.

This stylish meditation cushion can be a huge boost to your therapeutic setting without hitting your wallet with a hefty dent. At less than $15, it’s one of the cheapest options on the market that still delivers a quality profile. In practice, the sponge fill provides a soothing seat for extended thought, and the natural straw exterior helps ensure your posture is supported for as long as you need.

Granted, signing up to sit on this rougher profile may seem intimidating for meditation novices, but this is still a great option despite its looks. If anything, you can opt for a pair of sweats or longer bottoms to give your skin a barrier from the natural fibers, at least until you grow accustomed to the sensation.

If you’re looking for more comfort under your frame, consider a Zabuton meditation cushion. This cozy profile from Maya Lumbini showcases ample coverage that can fit most stances, and the brand even offers a “tall” silhouette designed to house lengthier athletes. The all-natural Kapok fill is great for supporting and cradling your joints, too, so there’s no developing strains as you sink into a worthwhile session.

I also appreciate the removable cover that’s machine washable, as the larger silhouette can be more prone to dirt and debris since it’s closer to your flooring. Be mindful, though, that this larger pillow is more on the expensive side, so if you don’t want or need the extra leg room (pun intended) you may be able to save a few bucks with another option.

Bolster-style meditation cushions can be some of the sturdiest options for your practice, and it’s tough to beat this colorful silhouette from Hugger Mugger. I enjoy meditating with this profile thanks to its durable exterior and more rigid frame, as there’s no sinking or blowout you’d see with other, softer picks. Plus, the rectangular shape is versatile enough for restorative yoga, too, which is great for getting the most out of the near-$100 price tag.

Unfortunately, though, some may find it awkward when searching for that premium seat positioning due to the more oblong silhouette. Additionally, there’s no room for customizing the shape to your frame since this Standard Yoga Bolster is only available in one size. Still, for those that practice yoga as much as they meditate, this is definitely worth your consideration.

If you need more of a wedge shape to bolster your posture in practice, this crescent-shaped profile from Seat of Your Soul is right up your alley. I appreciate the firm yet comfortable buckwheat fill that’s customizable to your liking, and the rounded frame does wonders for supporting your lower back and legs throughout your mindful session. Plus, there’s no shortage of available colors, so you can customize your meditation space with a splash of vibrancy that matches your personality.

The Seat of Your Soul Crescent Meditation Cushion measures 17 inches wide by 10.5 inches deep by 5 inches tall, which is a worthwhile footprint for a pillow of this shape. Be sure to pay close attention to these dimensions, though, as some athletes have stated that the more structured design was still a little narrow for their liking.

Like crescent-shaped cushions, v-shaped cushions can also be a treat for supporting your hips and thighs throughout your meditation session. This Hugger Mugger profile has been my go-to as of late, as the “arms” of the silhouette are maneuverable enough to fit in narrow or wider stances, alike. Plus, the buckwheat hull fill is sturdy enough to hold my frame with ease once I nestle in for a practice.

I also appreciate the convenient carrying handle that makes toting this meditation cushion from room to room much simpler. I do take extra precaution to keep this pillow clean, however. Despite the 100% organic cotton cover being removable, it’s hand wash only, so any apparent stains may take a little more muscle to remove.

Sure, Zafu and Zabuton cushions can do wonders for your practice on their own, but combining the two silhouettes can be a surefire way to improve your comfort day in and day out. This impressive set from Leewadee boasts matching profiles with natural Kapok fill for a setup that’s cozy, effective and downright supportive. I also appreciate the array of colors offered across the lineup, so there’s plenty of options to suit your personal taste.

With that said, though, caring for this meditation cushion set is more of a chore … literally. The covers are not removable, so to clean any built-up dust or stains, you need to hand wash each silhouette. Oh well, with aesthetics as stylish as this, I’m sure you’d be willing to put a little elbow grease into your meditation environment.

Outside of serving as a dedicated spot for your mindful discipline, meditation cushions can also create a more comfortable, appealing seat for your discipline. The cushioning presented in these profiles can help lift the hips more, accentuating the natural curvature of your spine and removing any unwanted pressure.

Additionally, meditation cushions grant your knees a more comfortable surface to rest, allowing to get deeper into thoughts without developing any nagging aches. All of this works toward the goal of keeping you upright and comfortable for as long as you deem necessary.

Meditation cushions aren’t just accent pillows for your decor — there is, in fact, a proper way to sit atop them. Begin by sitting toward the front of your cushion and allow your legs to come forward comfortably in front of you. Cross your legs, like you would back in preschool, and gently wiggle your hips into a natural position within the cushioning. You should also tilt your pelvis forward slightly to straighten your spine and ensure your hips, shoulders and head are all aligned in a proper, upright fashion. You should feel relaxed and stable without any apparent need to readjust.

Meditation cushions typically fall into one of two categories — Zafu or Zabuton. Zafu meditation cushions are smaller from a footprint standpoint, but also showcase a taller height in order to better elevate your hips during practice. Zabuton cushions are flatter and wider, almost like a plush mat or strewn-out comforter. These meditation profiles can be excellent for keeping your knees comfy during your session, but you may need some extra support if you routinely suffer from back aches.

There’s no hard and fast rule as to which silhouette is best, so be sure to take your personal needs into consideration when choosing between the two. Additionally, you can even pair both profiles in one meditation setup for a premium sense of coziness.

If you’re looking at Zafu meditation cushions, you’ll also need to consider your pillow’s shape. There are a handful to choose from, with round, circular profiles being the most classic. Rectangular meditation cushions can also be worthwhile picks, especially since their shape lends to added versatility as a bolster for yoga flows, too. U-shaped and V-shaped cushions act more as a wedge at the base of your seat, which can be optimal for alleviating any unwanted pressure across the back, hips and knees.

For athletes wanting a Zabuton meditation cushion, these are generally rectangular or square by nature. Make sure to find a profile that appeals to your needs and fits within your intended space.

The height of your meditation cushion can influence your comfort and ability to get into the proper stance from the start. Most Zafu meditation cushions feature a height of 5 inches, but some may be taller or shorter, respectively. While it’s completely up to personal preference, taller athletes or those with flexibility issues may fare better with a taller silhouette.

As far as size is concerned, be sure to choose a cushion that supports your body. Ever sit in a chair that’s too small? Would you want that annoyance as you’re trying to clear your mind and find inner peace? I didn’t think so. Additionally, especially for Zabuton profiles, make sure you have enough floor space to accommodate your plush accessory.

When it comes to materials, pay attention to the fill type of your meditation cushions. These can range from soft memory foam, to buckwheat, polyester or cotton batting. You want to ensure the fill is soft enough to support your comfort, yet rigid enough to not lose its shape under the pressure of your bodyweight.

Meditation cushion exteriors are typically made from cotton and linen, while some may opt for a more velvety aesthetic. If you’re looking to meditate in apparel that has your skin touching your cushion, be sure to choose a profile that won’t irritate your skin as you sit throughout your practice.

Meditation isn’t the most sweat-inducing discipline in fitness, but over time, your cushion is bound to pick up some dust, scuffs and the occasional stain. As such, it’s best to look for cushions with a removable, machine-washable shell. This helps retain the integrity of the fill while also keeping the outer appearance as put together as possible.

If your meditation doesn’t feature a removable cover, most stains should be treatable with a damp cloth. As with any piece of furniture, however, be sure to read your silhouette’s care instructions before going up against any present muck and grime.