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This Eye Mask Is on Sale for $23

Jun 12, 2023Jun 12, 2023

It's so comfortable that shoppers say it "feels like a pillow on your face."

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Travel + Leisure / Madison Woiten

Falling asleep to calming music or an audiobook has become a comforting routine for many, including myself. However, getting quality sleep while traveling can be challenging thanks to loud buses, the person in the window seat refusing to shut the window, bumpy car rides, busy trains — you get it. Thankfully, this is a problem of the past as the Musicozy Bluetooth Eye Mask not only blocks out light, but also has built-in headphones to help you sleep, rest, or take a moment to zone out.

And right now, you can grab this on-the-go sleep solution for an incredible 43 percent off at Amazon. This sounds like the perfect occasion to level up your travel gear, if you ask me. Discounts vary depending on the color that you choose, and this Bluetooth eye mask comes in 14 different shades. For the best deal, check out the all-black version for just $23, or opt for the light blue, bright pink, or deep violet hues, which are each on sale for $25.


Crafted with a plush silk-cotton blend and memory foam pads for maximum cushioning, this Bluetooth eye mask isn’t just merely for comfort. It also features noise-canceling headphones on the sides that deliver crisp sound and help you tune out your surroundings. But don't worry, they're thin enough so they won't disturb your snooze — even if you're a side sleeper. They seamlessly connect to any smartphone or tablet for easy, comfortable listening in even the noisiest environments. Customers have raved about this feature, labeling it a “total game changer for traveling,” with one shopper pointing out that the headphones are powerful enough to "cancel out crying babies, chatty passengers, and everything else [on a flight].”

What's more, there's also a built-in microphone, which means that you can answer calls using the Musicozy Bluetooth Eye Mask. You'll find this especially convenient when your phone is buried at the bottom of your bag as you're moving through the airport, hailing a cab, or exploring (there's a helpful control pad on the front that also lets you control the volume and power). With such a thoughtful design, it comes as no surprise that this ingenious eye mask has garnered more than 11,000 five-star ratings. Shoppers are falling in love with this product, and one customer even admitted that they “can’t fall asleep without it now.” They also noted that “it’s the perfect weight…kind of like a light weighted blanket for your face.”

Adding to its comfort, this eye mask boasts an ergonomic-fitted nose pad and adjustable straps to ensure a customizable snugness, which a reviewer highlighted helps block out even more light to help them achieve "better, deeper sleep." They also added, "There's zero light bleed-through. I get really bad migraines, I've started putting this on when I need to block out all of the light, and it does so beautifully." In fact, one Amazon customer compared the experience of wearing the eye mask to “feeling like [there's] a pillow on your face.”


The Musicozy Bluetooth Eye Mask also has a stellar reputation among travelers, especially ones embarking on long trips. One jet-setter shared that they wore it on a 10-hour flight and they “slept like a baby." Chiming in, another reviewer said that they "ordered another to keep in my travel bag so I would not forget on any future trips." For them, it's used daily, and they love it so much that it would be "on my 'Stranded on an Island Must-Have List.'"

This eye mask-headphones combo is equipped with a user-friendly rechargeable battery that fully charges in one to two hours, with an overall playtime of 10 hours so you can sleep through the night comfortably. In fact, one fan, who declared the eye mask their "best purchase I've ever made," mentioned that it "lasts for several nights before I have to recharge them."

With so much buzz from shoppers and sporting such an affordable price of just $23, the Musicozy Bluetooth Eye Mask clearly deserves a spot in your carry-on. Don't miss this chance to save big on the game-changing travel accessory. But if you’re still exploring other options, keep scrolling for other top-rated Bluetooth eye masks at Amazon.




At the time of publishing, the price started at $23.

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