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This is What You Should Buy for Women in Their 30s, From Fragrance to Home Decor

Jun 01, 2023Jun 01, 2023

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Buying a present for a college student is pretty easy (Starbucks gift cards, baby!) but if you’re shopping for a thirty-something who could be juggling two jobs, a fully nomadic lifestyle, a 1,000-day Duolingo streak, or a literal child at any given moment? Yeah, that’s not so self-explanatory. So when you’re buying gifts for women in their thirties, don’t be afraid to get personal with a present that says, “I was listening when you told me you wanted to start running/learn how to gua sha/buy that TikTok lamp.”

If you’re worried that the recipient might expect things of a certain, shall we say, caliber that's potentially out of your budget, try aiming for affordable gifts that create luxurious experiences instead. Think: chic upgrades to the mismatched kitchenware they bought in their twenties, a pain-relieving massage oil that smells like actual heaven, or a pretty lace chemise for your bestie who’s currently ~dating herself~.

For the record, I'd also like to show that I am a strong supporter of self-gifting, so perhaps you even get a little wild and preemptively create your own holiday wish list as you peruse this list of gifts for women in their thirties! Lots of pretty things to shop for yourself and your favorite people, below.


Their untangling-jewelry-in-your-hotel-room-on-vacay era is OVER. This case keeps necklaces, rings, and bracelets from turning into one massive knot in their carry-on.

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Travel Jewelry Organizer


Kiss the cook and let them know that they’ve literally never looked chicer.

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Porcini Apron


Transferring salt and pepper from their generic plastic containers (booo) into these chic shakers will instantly upgrade any tablescape.

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Courtly Check Enamel Salt & Pepper Shakers


These gold vermeil earrings deserve a spot in their regular jewelry rotation.

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Freshwater Pearl Twisted Drop Earrings


Step away from the college T-shirt (!!) and wear this gorgeous lil slip dress to bed instead.

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Embrace Lace Chemise


It’s not a Birkin, but they’ll get to unwrap that iconic orange Hermès box (and that's the fun part, anyways).

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Mini Fragrance Discovery Set


Yes, it’s possible to get a great dutch oven that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Amazon reviewers note that this one works just as well as the (exponentially more expensive) Le Creuset.

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Enameled Cast Iron Covered Round Dutch Oven


If the thirty-something in question is pretty much the Michelangelo of interior design, why not gift them a piece inspired by the sculptor’s work?

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David Statue Soy Wax Candle


Because (*gently shushes you*) they're protecting their peace in their thirties.

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Noise Canceling Headphones


Everyone loves celebratory champagne, and what better way to welcome in the next decade?

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Brut NV Champagne


This soft silk eye mask is gentle on the skin, so they're less likely to wake up with wonky fabric creases on their face.

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Silk Eye Mask


Purse-induced shoulder pain, begone! This extra-light bag is large enough for a work laptop *and* chic enough for the weekend.

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Medium Le Pliage Nylon Shoulder Tote


A little Chanel never hurt anybody. And this buttery hand cream just screams luxe.

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La Crème Main Texture Riche


A novel about a New York City career woman in her thirties who gets a glimpse of her life five years into the future and it’s literally nothing like she thought it would be? I can confirm that this book is as engrossing as it sounds.

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In Five Years: A Novel


Yup, gua sha-ing your hair is totally a thing. These gorgeous combs will increase blood flow to the scalp, which could potentially aid hair growth—plus, it feels really frickin’ good. The other side of the comb can be used as a regular gua sha for their face or body.

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Jade Gua Sha Combs


Is the perfume they selected five years ago just not cutting it anymore? Opt for a set of minis so that they can see how each fragrance interacts with their body chemistry throughout the day to find their new go-to.

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‘REPLICA' Mini Coffret Set


You can never have too much gold jewelry, especially when it’s a 14k gold piece hand-stamped with your birth month flower.

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Birth Flower Necklace


Now they can read an absolute bodice-ripper of a romance novel out in public and everyone will be none the wiser. Don’t forget the matching Kindle accessories!

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Nothing says 30 quite like doing laundry the right way. And apparently, you’re supposed to be washing your unmentionables in mesh bags rather than shoving them blindly into the washer and hoping the lace doesn’t tear. Who knew?

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Mesh Bag Bundle


These candlesticks are almost too pretty to burn. Your b-day pal can break them out at their next dinner party if they're really trying to impress.

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Smoke Taper Candle Set


You have to admit that TikTok was onto something with this ambient 'shroom lamp that creates excellent ~mood lighting~.

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Mushroom Glass Lamp


Look at this carafe! It’s so cute AND it doubles as a decor piece, so they can keep it on their nightstand and have fresh drinking water by their bed.

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Vice Versa Carafe


Harry Styles wore these sneakers on a run, so you know that these are a great gift for 1. runners, 2. former Directioners, and 3. anyone who wants to look sporty without actually having to exercise.

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Clifton 8 Sneakers


For your friend who’s 13 going on 30—Y2K Mark Ruffalo not included.

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You're 30??! Shut up! Funny Birthday Card


Aiming to master the crow pose by the end of this year? This super thick yet lightweight mat will provide immaculate cushioning (just in case).

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Solana Yoga Mat 1" w/ Nylon Strap


Bring the hotel experience to their bathroom with these towels that feature a textured geometric print that makes the fabric more absorbent and weighty.

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Organic Cotton Mosaic Towels


If they're going to forego their daily coffee shop runs for a cheaper at-home alternative, they should at least get to use the world’s cutest, most colorful French press, right?

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French Press Coffee & Tea Brewer


Friendly reminder for anyone in a long-term relationship with their skincare routine—don't forget to show the same kind of love to the rest of your body!

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Body Retinol


This is one of those gifts that’s equal parts pretty and practical because they’ll probably end up wearing these sneakers multiple times a week.

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V-90 Leather White Umber


Yeah, that CBD + sweet almond oil combo is good good for pain relief and muscle aches.

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Marvelous CBD Massage and Body Oil


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