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Gay guys share the things they put down to protect their bedsheets during sex

Jan 25, 2024Jan 25, 2024

Perhaps it’s triggering our inner Martha Stewart, or we’re just curious about other people’s sex lives, but a recent post on Reddit about bed sheets caught our attention.

Posted in the AskGayBrosOver30 subreddit, a man wanted to know if other people had a “sex blanket” to protect their bed sheets. “It’s old and from college but… lube. I don’t want my sheets stained.”

Placing a blanket or towel down on one’s bed is not the type of thing you see in movies or even adult entertainment flicks. However, if you’ve invested in some good-quality bedding… Well, nobody wants to boil-wash their finest bedding unless strictly necessary.

It turns out that people use a surprising variety of protective materials.

“We have a stack of towels ready to go. When my bf lays down the towel I tell him it’s time for his dicknic, I know…dumb,” was one well-liked comment. Others assured the poster that “dicknic time” was cute and hilarious.

Towels appeared to be the top answer and were very popular.

Others favored special blankets.

“I have a nice soft fleece one….always get a softer material so the poor bottom doesn’t get material lines on his cheeks and chest,” chipped in one guy.

Some went as far as waterproof blankets, rubberized sheets, dog blankets or custom-made fluidproof play sheets. One couple said they had a special “sex quilt.”

One man said he used “Extra large puppy pads. $20 for 100 at Costco. Even the biggest spills are easily contained, then straight into the trash! For special company, I put down a towel.”

This prompted someone to suggest Puppy Pads might kill the mood somewhat. They kinda would, right?

It also prompted something of a debate over the mechanics of sex and… well, the stains it can leave behind.

“I get panic attacks if I’m having sex on white sheets,” confessed one guy. “I’m pretty sure I’m clean, but even so I’ll still worry. And then there’s precum, lube, spit/drool, cum… PLEASE put down a towel or blanket or SOMETHING non-white so I can relax! Every hotel visit is a nightmare!”

“I have a collection of sheets, blankets, and towels. Lol. Sex is such a production sometimes,” said another.

Finally, one guy admitted having a variety of ways of protecting his bedding but cautioned anyone from getting too obsessive about it.

“Sex is fun and gets messy! Is sleeping on a little bit of dried lube or cum really that bad?”

Does any of this resonate with you?

Here’s what happened this week on Instagram.