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Sarah Hyland's Must

Aug 30, 2023Aug 30, 2023

Published on 8/1/2023 at 2:45 PM

With a career that's spanned more than 20 years, logged countless film and TV projects, and even featured a starring role in one of the most popular sitcoms of all time (casual), it's hard to imagine life could get much sweeter for Sarah Hyland — though her ever-growing chocolate-supplement brand seems to prove otherwise. The actress first made waves with her role as the sassy and inimitably funny older sister Haley Dunphy in ABC's long-running comedy series "Modern Family" — for which Hyland, along with her castmates, earned several SAG Awards for best ensemble in a comedy series. Since the hit TV show ended in 2020, the star has been working to carve out more projects for herself both on screen and off, with her latest venture aiming to tap into the self-care craze that's currently sweeping Hollywood: snackable wellness.

Beauty vitamins certainly aren't a new concept (let alone among celebrities), but with Sourse — the chocolate-infused supplement brand cofounded by Hyland — the actress hopes to offer a sweeter alternative to the typical wellness routine.

"Not only did we set out to make supplements tasty, but we really wanted to make [them] accessible for everyone too because beauty really starts within; good skin starts from within," Hyland tells POPSUGAR. "The best thing about Sourse and what really sets us apart is the fact that it is chocolate — we source fair-trade dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a natural prebiotic, so you're actually able to absorb our nutrients better than some pills or gummies."

Hyland joined the brand's team as a creative director and cofounder back in 2022, with the company's key products being the Beauty Bites, a biotin-infused supplement that's designed to help build stronger hair and nails, along with the Mood Bites, a vitamin-D3-infused treat that works to reduce stress and boost serotonin levels — both of which are favorites of POPSUGAR's own editors. Since then, Sourse has continued to dominate the beauty category by introducing more decadent treats into its product inventory (hello, Hair Growth Bites) and even expanding on its reach to consumers — as of April 2023, Sourse's supplements are now available to shop on

"Being in Sephora is such a dream come true — I've been shopping at Sephora for 20 years now, I started when I was a teenager," Hyland says. "And I think it just shows how amazing our product is and how well it works to bring skin care and hair care into your wellness routine and pantry."

We had the opportunity to chat with Hyland about what the future looks like for Sourse, how she incorporates the vitamins into her own life, and all of the other must-have products she's currently loving — from affordable makeup-remover wipes to a soft eye mask and more.

Hyland follows a pretty regimented beauty routine to keep her skin glowing both on the red carpet and off, which usually includes these Neutrogena Cleansing Fragrance Free Makeup Remover Face Wipes ($10, originally $14). "I just think that they take your makeup off so, so well, especially for me. And they never dry out my skin too much or are too rough on it," Hyland says.

While it's a bit more of a splurge, Hyland promises that the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($430) is well worth the investment — especially for those with curly hair. "I'm a person that does not know how to do my own hair; I'm not good at it," Hyland says. "So, I use [this] with a diffuser because I have curly hair and it always takes a long time for my hair to dry. It really cuts down the time for me."

Pro Tip: While the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer has powerful styling capabilities on its own, the Dyson Diffuser attachment is an equally great investment because it helps to provide a more evenly defined look of curls and features long prongs, which can move through even the thickest hair types. The attachment can be purchased on its own or in a bundle with the hair dryer.

"When I first met with Jenny and Andrew [Sourse's founders] to discuss the company, the first thing I said was: 'I want Hair Grow Bites.' I wanted there to be a specific vitamin for hair and nail growth," Hyland says. And thus, the Sourse Hair & Nail Growth Bites ($15) were born. The vegan supplement is infused with biotin and plant-based ingredients, which help to grow hair longer and stronger.

Pro Tip: While there's really never a bad time to indulge in a few Hair & Nail Growth Bites, Hyland admits she especially loves starting her day by snacking on the treat. As for what her perfect morning routine looks like? "I wake up, throw on some moisturizer, make some coffee, and have some chocolate in my backyard while throwing the ball for my dog," Hyland says.

Seemingly few products have proven to be more of a constant in Hyland's life than this Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask ($50). "I never sleep without it. Ever. Not once — and it's been like eight years of sleeping with this eye mask," Hyland says. Besides being a great travel essential, the lightweight eye mask is designed to be worn nightly and helps to block out light so that you can enjoy a more restful night of sleep. Hyland isn't alone in her love for the nighttime essential — Ashley Tisdale, Ayesha Curry, and Kate Hudson are also fans.

Pro Tip: The eye mask is made from an exquisitely soft and lightweight silk material that protects the skin. For a more cohesive nighttime setup, you can also buy Slip's bestselling silk pillowcase to go along with the mask.

Carry-on bags and suitcases are great, but for Hyland, this Joanna Vargas Euphoria Face Mask ($75) is the ultimate travel essential — especially when she's trying to keep her skin nourished while on a long flight. "I always [put it on] when they announce that there are 30 minutes left of the flight," Hyland says.

Pro Tip: For even better results (and more hydrated skin), Hyland also recommends using a face roller over the mask to squeeze out as many of the ingredients as possible. "I use a face roller to really let my skin soak up all of the moisture and then I leave it on — I'm the type of person who leaves it on until we have to get off of the plane."

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