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May 21, 2023May 21, 2023

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Take Kare of yourself! Kare by Kalani’s wellness essentials go beyond beauty to give you the confidence you need to live your best life.

Kalani Hilliker’s new collection was created with self-care in mind, and we’ve got all the essentials to take your routine to an empowering new level.

In fact, the “Dance Moms” alum told Access Hollywood why she wanted to bring her personal experience into the wellness space and encourage fans to take the time they need to unwind.

“Self-care and wellness products have been something that I feel like I’ve always been using, especially with a dance background and a really crazy background of always being busy and always being in the spotlight,” she explained. “I’ve always loved to relax and to calm down. I always remember after dance I would just sit there and take like 45-minute baths because it would be my time to relax. So I knew that that was definitely something I wanted to hop into.”

From the revitalizing Kare Beam Eye Mask to help reduce stress and tension to the fun and functional Thera Wrap Band that delivers an extra glow, breathe easy knowing you’re in good hands with Kare by Kalani.

And don’t miss our exclusive on the amazing Aurora Wand, a multifaceted beauty tool with anti-aging benefits – including boosted collagen production and facial contouring!

Don’t wait any longer to look and feel refreshed – pick your Kare by Kalani faves below.

by Kare by Kalani$25.99Crafted from naturally cooling crystals, the Mineral Mask is the ultimate relaxation tool. Its innovative, weighted design helps minimize the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines, as well as relieves sinus pressure.This eco-Friendly alternative to single-use masks is the perfect addition to your meditation or beauty ritual!

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by Kare by Kalani $69.99Meet the must-have duffel bag that’s lightweight and spacious. Designed for everyday wear as a weekender, gym bag, or carry-on, this piece features ample room to accommodate all your essentials. Made for everyone, this sleek duffel will take you places in style.

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by Kare by Kalani$35.00The Klarify Brush is a portable cleansing device with multiple vibration settings and soft, skin-friendly brush heads for gentle but effective facial cleansing and massaging. Suitable for all skin types, the rechargeable Kare Klarify Brush uses sonic rotation technology to cleanse and exfoliate, loosening dirt, makeup, and oil. This device transmits vibrations deep into the skin, clearing pores, and blackheads. The four different heads and three different speeds allow for customization to skin type and sensitivity. Aids in removing dead skin cells and increase the absorption of skincare products.

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by Kare by Kalani$24.99The Beam Cool Steam Eye Mask utilizes both Cold and Heat Therapy. Cold therapy – cooling gels to rejuvenate, tighten, and release tension from the skin. Heat therapy – warming gels and self-heating pads to improve blood circulation and reduce stress.

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by Kare by Kalani$24.99Fun and functional, this stylish, silk hot/cold headband offers instant relief from daily stressors and improves circulation for a glowing, refreshed you. The Thera-Wrap Band and is designed to relieve tension from a stress-filled day while still looking fit to go out. This premium silk head wrap is comfortable and stylish, improving skin’s radiance while melting away the tensions of the day.

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by Kare by Kalani$23.99The Kare Heatless Swivel Curler Set creates beautiful, long-lasting waves or curls heat-free. With the Kare Heatless Swivel Curler Set, you can cross one thing off your morning routine and wake up with smooth, styled waves or curls. This satin roller is easy to sleep in and uses no heat or electricity for easy, zero-damage, on-the-go styling.

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by Kare by Kalani$32.00Crystal sonic LED wand. This multifunctional beauty tool offers LED Red & Blue light and heat therapy for collagen production, face contouring, and anti-aging benefits. Look and feel refreshed in the comfort of your own home.

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