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The Best Kids Bedding of 2022

Jun 18, 2023Jun 18, 2023

Our favorite picks, including printed, colorful, and eco-friendly sheets.

Published Sep 5, 2022 1:48 AM

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Decorating a kid’s room is, by nature, a collaborative project. While your infant might not have had any thoughts on nursery design, by the time you’re mood boarding a child’s room, chances are your tot has opinions—and they’re probably strongly held. Luckily, though, some of our favorite stops for adult bedding also carry a wide array of kid-friendly prints and designs. After all, just because you’re collaborating with a “client” who might be difficult doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style.

The best kids’ bedding for your child’s room depends on a few factors: Your design preferences, their design preferences, plus the size of the bed and your budget. But before you get overwhelmed by all the options, never fear—we’ve done the hard work of researching dozens of brands to whittle a list down to nine of our very favorites. Read on (maybe with your kid!) to find bedding that will please even the most discerning designers-in-training.

Material: Cotton | Sizes: Twin to California king | Colors and prints: 15

What we like:

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: A longtime favorite brand for adults, but now with fun touches that are perfect for tots.

As one of the first direct-to-consumer bedding brands to make it big, Brooklinen has won many fans with its hotel-quality sheets that don’t come with a jaw-dropping price tag. And now your kids can join in on the fun, thanks to the brand’s Brooklittles collection. (The sheets are, in fact, the same as the adult ones.) Parents can opt for either the Classic Percale or the Luxe Sateen bundle, which includes a sheet set, duvet cover, and two extra pillowcases, and then add on child-centric elements like an adorable cloud-shaped pillow or a lightweight quilt with cheery contrast stitching. Bedding color options run the gamut from jewel tones to neutrals, with occasional limited-edition prints. For your youngest, we also love the colorful collection of crib sheets and baby swaddles.

Material: Cotton | Sizes: Twin | Colors and prints: 9

What we like:

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: A wide range of playful prints at a seriously low price point.

Just like its clothing line, H&M’s home goods deliver trendy designs at a very affordable price. Its kids bedding starts at just $25 for a duvet and pillowcase set, which means you can even pick up a few and switch them out depending on the season.

But just because this is our value pick doesn’t mean the quality is lacking. H&M bedding is made out of 100 percent cotton, and some pieces are even constructed from a percentage of recycled cotton as well. We also love the subtle design on some of the items, like this chic polka dot that looks like it’s from a high-end Scandinavian design store.

Material: Cotton | Sizes: Twin to king | Colors and prints: Various

What we like:

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: Classic and elegant high-thread-count sheet sets in a range of striking prints and colorways.

We’ve all seen it: The photo of a bedroom where the bedsheets, duvet, and pillows are all a different print or color but it just somehow works. And if you’re like us, you might sometimes struggle with how to put it all together without any piece clashing with another. But once we discovered the dreamy prints from Biscuit, designer Bailey McCarthy’s line out of Houston, we realized that she had done all the work for us. Simply pick one of the brand’s bespoke prints —we love the beachy Cecilia for a kid’s room—and then pair with another print in the same color family, or opt for some of the luxe piped shams. Putting together a curated set has never been so easy or looked so elegant.

We also are big fans of the 350-thread-count cotton-sateen fabric Biscuit uses for its sheet sets. It has a solid heft but is still cool to the touch, and overall feels incredibly luxurious.

Material: Cotton | Sizes: Twin | Colors and prints: 13

What we like:

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: Scrupulously allergen-free and eco-friendly bedding in a range of sweet designs.

Gooselings is a line out of New York City whose mission is to create bedding for babies and kids that not only can be passed down through multiple children but is made out of the safest materials the company could source. It is also one of the only brands on our list to make kids’ comforters, which are filled with responsibly sourced and sterilized European Muscovy down. And all of the fabrics, from the duvets to the sheet sets, meet Oeko-Tex international standards, a method of measuring how ecologically safe a material is.

But apart from being safe for your kids and the planet, the designs are delightful. The hot-air balloons was the print that first caught our eye, but we were also taken with the floral Secret Garden, which can certainly last through to the teenage years.

Material: Cotton | Sizes: Twin to king | Colors and prints: 14

What we like:

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: A supersoft duvet that comes in a color to match any room.

The Company Store has a wide variety of bedding—both printed and solid—but what we love best about this brand is its incredibly soft jersey cotton duvet. If your child’s room has a colorful, printed wallpaper or even a sheet set with a busy design, you might be looking for a duvet that doesn’t add to the aesthetic noise. In that case a solid color duvet is ideal. And if you’ve also been struggling with trying to find the perfect color match, chances are the Company Store’s bedding will have a shade that pairs well with whatever you have chosen. With more than a dozen different colors, from fire-engine red to bright turquoise blue, this is one of the few brands to carry both superbright hues as well as neutrals. Plus jersey fabric, in all its stretchy softness, is a favorite of kids.

Material: Cotton | Sizes: Twin to California king | Colors and prints: various

What we like:

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: These are classic designs that can last well into the teen years or adulthood.

If your style skews more toward beachy or classic New England, you’re probably familiar with Serena & Lily. The brand practically wrote the book on upscale, breezy chic. But while the overall aesthetic here is certainly elevated and heavy on the white, we have found many of the bedding collections are perfect for a more traditional children’s room.

Classic designs like its embroidered, double-lined Southport sheet set truly never go out of style and can be paired with a printed duvet to add playfulness to a bedding set. We also love the Americana vibes of the gingham set, which comes in two bright shades of blue.

Material: Cotton and polyester | Sizes: Twin to king | Colors and prints: 35

What we like:

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: Conversation-starter sheet sets for a price that’s easy on the wallet.

For the maximalists among us, some of our favorite bold prints come from none other than teen fashion mecca Urban Outfitters. The brand boasts quite a selection of home decor, and the prices are very reasonable. Its printed sheet sets are what first caught our attention, thanks to their unconventional designs. Most veer toward the kooky—think: mushroom and flowers—or to scenes from nature, like this cactus set, making them perhaps best suited for tweens and teens. The brand also has a large selection of duvets, many of which feature entirely different prints than the sheets, for the ultimate in mix-and-match. If you have a kid with a serious creative streak, let them go wild here.

Material: Cotton | Sizes: Twin | Colors and prints: 10

What we like:

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: Adorable designs perfect for a child’s first sheet set in a “big kid” bed.

While we understand the logic of buying bedding that can last your children well into tween and teen years, sometimes you want to hold onto that little kid magic a bit longer. When that’s the case, we suggest you head straight for Zara Home, whose kids’ bedding features adorable designs like Babar the Elephant and Peanuts. The brand also wins bonus points for interpreting these classic children’s characters into designs that are neither gaudy nor too bright, which means they can blend in with a variety of room designs.

Material: Cotton | Sizes: Twin to queen | Colors and prints: various

What we like:

Worth noting:

Why we chose it: Modern prints that are ideal for kids looking to find their more mature design style.

At some point, every kid rebels, and we can only hope that wanting to redecorate their bedroom is the worst of it. When that time comes, direct them to Crate & Kids, whose nearly endless selection of bedding has styles that are tween- and teen-appropriate while still being playful. Designs range from classic windowpane checks to doodle-inspired hearts, and nearly everything is made from organic cotton, which is a nice bonus.

Also keep an eye out for its brand-new collaboration with textile designer (and dad) John Robshaw. The line is inspired by Indian street circuses and features a palette of jewel tones and soft pastels, with cameos from camels and elephants.

While we didn’t include a supersplurge category for kids’ bedding, if we did, D. Porthault would be the clear winner. Even for us design lovers, we can admit it’s far from practical to spend upwards of $1,900 for a child’s twin sheet set, but we can’t help but swoon over this French brand’s sweet heart print. And hey, you can get a neck-roll sham for $275, at least.

To choose the best kids’ bedding, Domino’s style director, Naomi deMañana, weighed in, and we scoped out the offerings at children’s boutiques both brick-and-mortar and online, plus we researched many “best of” lists. We also tapped interior designer Anne Pulliam of Anne Pulliam Interiors, who has a special passion for creating unique children’s rooms. We paid special attention to the bedding’s durability, how easy it was to clean, its softness, and, of course, its design. The winners scored high marks in all of these categories.

As any parent knows, it’s rare to find your child actually sleeping under the sheets; they’re more often sprawled on top, sometimes perpendicular, to the bed. But that being said, for the times they’re cold or you can convince them to actually make their bed, it’s nice to have the full suite of bedding available. According to Pulliam, this set should include ​​“a fitted sheet, top sheet, light quilt, and duvet or blanket folded at the bottom to use during those chilly nights.” Pillow-wise, it depends on the size of the bed, but at least “one pillow for sleeping and a fun throw pillow or sham that can be tossed aside at night,” she adds. The majority of kids’ mattresses will be a twin, so you’ll find the most fun prints in that size, but many brands also make kid-friendly bedding even in sizes up to a king.

The best bedding brands, whether it’s for kids or adults, will include a variety of styles and patterns. And just like an adult bedroom, the design you choose for your child’s room depends largely on personal preference. Now whether that’s your preference or your kid’s, we’ll leave up to you, but know that if you’re opting for, say, a print with baby elephants in diapers for your toddler’s first real bed, it’s likely you’ll need to swap that out for something more “grown-up” in just a few years. If you are looking for a style of sheet that can last until the teenage years, Pulliam recommends ticking stripes or sheeting with contrast piping in a fun color.

As for specific materials: “Kids love jersey for sheets because it’s soft and stretchy. And I love anything 100 percent cotton, because it gets softer with every wash,” she says.

Overall, the bedding that’s easiest to clean will be labeled “washable and wrinkle resistant,” says Pulliam. That could mean a variety of materials, such as cotton, jersey, and bamboo, but the last of those is Pulliam’s top pick for messy kids, since the fabric has natural stain-resistant properties.

How often should you throw everything in the wash? We think a good rule of thumb is once a week for sheets, and every quarter for a duvet. Because, let’s be honest, you’re not unbuttoning your kid’s comforter more than you have to.

“Bamboo bedding is supersoft and eco-friendly and has natural stain-repellent properties, and on top of all of that, it’s known to help regulate temperature control,” Pulliam says.

Q: If I want eco-friendly bedding, what should I look for?

“Look for 100 percent organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo written on the tag,” Pulliam says. “I love 100 percent linen, too, but that takes a lot of maintenance, so I usually steer clients away from it for everyday bedding.”

“Keep it simple: two,” says Pulliam.

“Always follow label directions on the bedding, but I tell my clients to wash in warm water and tumble dry low,” Pulliam notes.

From the value to the splurge picks, all of the kids’ bedding we chose scored high marks for durability and design. But for the best crisp, comfortable, and fun sheet sets, we give top honors to Brooklinen Brooklittles.

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