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40GSM Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Textile for for Wet Wipes and Baby Diapers

40GSM Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Textile for for Wet Wipes and Baby Diapers

Overview Package Size 22.00cm * 11.00cm * 5.00cm Package Gross Weight 0.300kg Company Profile We are committed to buildi
Basic Info.
Model NO. SNF001
Pattern Dot
Style Embossed
Technics Spunlace
Width 47/48"
Weight Range 15-260GSM
Application Disposable Supplies
Grade Export
Tensile Strength CD(Edana20.2-89) 15n
Transport Package Roll, Seaworthy Package
Specification customize
Origin China
HS Code 56031202
Production Capacity 100000ton Per Year
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 22.00cm * 11.00cm * 5.00cm Package Gross Weight 0.300kg
Product Description

Company Profile

40GSM Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Textile for for Wet Wipes and Baby Diapers

Over the past 10 years, Carnation has been firmly rooted in the non-woven industry from trading to manufacturing, and continues to expand the spunlace non-woven products like wet wipes , dry wipes etc. business areas. We continuously adhere to using best quality and biodegradable raw material, non-woven fabric and manufacturing high-end quality products with the support of China Hi-tech Group which has more than 30 years experience in non-woven fabric manufacturing and R&D.
We are committed to building a high-tech enterprise catering to the development and application of various multifunctional, high-performance and environment-friendly wet wipes and dry wipes.
Our factory Hi-Tech Changed maintain a strategic cooperation agreement with China Hi Tech Group Corporation which is owned by the Chinese Central Government via State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC).Leverage Hi-Tech's great power to create a new era of Hi-Tech ChangedFactory View:

Our Advantages

Our Woodpulp/Polyester Spunlace Nonwoven fabrics are made of excellent quality wood pulp and fiber blends that contain no additives that hinder absorbency. They enable the critical cleaning essential to industries like electronics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and power generation---and are equally effective in applications like machining operations, preparation for coatings application, and composites manufacturing.

character:1.Exceptionally clean---containers no binders, chemical residue, contaminants or metal shavings that can result in surface damage or rework2.Durable---excellent MD and CD strength makes them less likely to snag on mental parts and sharp corners3.Higher absorbency rate can result in wiping jobs being completed more quickly4.Low-lint performance helps to minimize defects and contamination5.Tackles isopropyl alcohol, MEK, MPK, and other aggressive solvents without falling apart6.Cost-effective ---very absorbent ,fewer wipes needed to complete the task results in fewer wipes to dispose of
1.Electronic surface clean
2.Heavy equipment maintenance
3.Surface preparation before coating, sealant, or adhesive application
4.Laboratories and production areas

Starting from the import of cotton in 2011, we have the whole chain capacity to lower the cost;Fully certified factory to promise safety and marketing capabilities;Well-organized marketing and designing team to support a growing potential;Complete OEM, ODM with strong R&D ability in the area of liquid and emulsions;Our high-qualified products are made of 100% biodegradable raw material.

40GSM Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Textile for for Wet Wipes and Baby Diapers

40GSM Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Textile for for Wet Wipes and Baby Diapers


  • Product range includes plain, aperture, embossed, colored, printed, impregnated and chemical treated Spunlace

  • Capabilities for production of Polyester, Viscose, Cotton and Bamboo blend fabrics

  • Fine and submicron fibers for better cover, bulk and soft feel

  • Profile fibers like Trilobal for improved bulk quality

  • Bi-component fiber for better strength and fewer lint

  • QUAT -MATE cleaning product

  • Laminated Spunlace fabric for both grey and dyed in medical blue / green colour

  • AAMI Level 2 fabric made of Spunlace fabric


  • Hydrophilicity

  • Anti-Static

  • Extra-Softness

  • Aloe Vera

  • UV Protection


  • Hygiene - Wet Wipes, Handkerchief, Underpads

  • Medical - Eye pad, Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs, Patient Drapes, OT Towels, Disposable Hospital Bed Sheets, Surgical Gown

  • Filtration - Water Filtration, Oil Filtration

  • Spill Control - Absorbent Pads, Booms, Pillows, Socks etc.

  • Home Furnishing, Hospitality and Garments

Product Description

40GSM Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Textile for for Wet Wipes and Baby Diapers

40GSM Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Textile for for Wet Wipes and Baby Diapers

Product Parameters

Product nameSpunlace Non-Woven Fabric
Material(1) Natural fibers: cotton, wool, linen, silk;
(2) Conventional fibers: viscose fiber, polyester fiber, acetate fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyamide fiber;
(3) Differential fibers: superfine fibers, shaped fibers, low melting point fibers, high crimp fibers, antistatic fibers;
(4) High-performance fibers: aramid fibers, carbon fibers, and metal fibers.
TechnicsThe principle of hydroentangling to strengthen the fiber web is similar to that of the acupuncture process, but instead of using needles, it uses multiple fine water jets generated by high pressure---the hydroentangling machine sprays the web. After the water jet passes through the fiber net, it is entrusted with the rebound of the net curtain and penetrates the fiber net again. Therefore, the fibers in the fiber net are displaced, interspersed, entangled, and entangled under the hydraulic action of high-speed water jets interspersed in different directions, thus strengthening the web
Features1. Flexible entanglement, does not affect the original characteristics of the fiber, does not damage the fiber
2. The appearance is closer to traditional textiles than other nonwoven materials
3. High strength, low fuzziness
4. High hygroscopicity, rapid moisture absorption
5. Good air permeability
6. Soft hand feeling and good drapability
7. The appearance is varied
8. No need for adhesive reinforcement, washable
9. Long production process and large floor area
10. Complex equipment and high water quality requirements
ApplicationsSpunlace non-woven fabrics are used for medical curtains, surgical gowns, surgical drapes, medical dressing materials, wound dressings, medical gauze, aviation wipes, clothing lining base fabrics, coated base fabrics, disposable materials, advanced instrumentation wipes , high-grade rags, towels, cotton pads, wet wipes, mask covering materials, etc. in the electronics industry
New Trend(1) Spunlace and wood pulp air-laid composite technology. Since the price of wood pulp is much cheaper than short fibers commonly used in spunlace, and fluff pulp has good hygroscopicity and hand feeling, the products made are cheaper than those made entirely of fibers, and are very competitive in price, but in terms of process The requirements on the filtration system are very high. The product can be used as the inner core material of wipes (70%g/m2), diapers and sanitary napkins.
(2) Spunlace and filament spunbonded web composite technology. The product compounded by this method has both the strength of spunbonded nonwovens and the good absorption performance of short fibers, and is even softer than spunbonded nonwovens. It has the function of absorbing water and oil, and has higher strength. It can be used as food wrapping cloth , Decorative cloth and cleaning cloth, etc.
(3) Spunlace and wet-laid composite technology. Typical process Detex's Hydraspun technology is composed of Detex's wet-laid technology combined with the Soflom spunlace method registered by Japan's Unicharm. The strength and softness of Hyderaspun wet-laid spunlace nonwovens are equal to or even surpass that of traditional dry-laid spunlace nonwovens, and wet-laid spunlace nonwovens do not shed lint, and their seam tensile strength is higher than that of dry-laid spunlace. Twice that of nonwovens, especially for garments.


Packaging & Shipping


1. Besides the products in the picture, can I have other customization?

Yes, You can customize a range of elements including Ingredients, Patterns, Logos, and more.2. Is the sample free?Sure, but you have to bear the express charge for sending this sample.3. How to ensure the quality of the nonwoven fabric?Our nonwoven fabrics can be inspected by a third-party inspection body or at the factory by your authorized representative before delivery.4. What kind of protection do you have in payment?In addition, to pay by T/T, you can also choose L/C, D/P, or transact through What if my order is less than 2000kg?Please contact our salesman to apply for a trial order for you.

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