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Get That Funky Smell Out Of Your Curtains With A Few Household Staples

Jul 30, 2023Jul 30, 2023

So many of the things we do at home — cook on a daily or near-daily basis, enjoy the company of our pets, and potentially smoke — can create odors over time and those odors linger in our curtains. If your curtains have started to retain odors from dinner or cigarettes, or if they've started to smell like wet dogs, there's something you can spritz on them quickly to freshen them.

We like to recommend natural ingredients and household staples for two reasons. Chances are, you already have the ingredients but if you don't, they're inexpensive. Secondly, they're natural and chemical-free, which is better for the planet. Reducing chemical use in your home is also better for your health. Smells can also generally cling to your home too, not just to fabrics. We've found several HGTV stars use different tricks for a fresh-smelling home that we encourage you to borrow. But this particular curtain hack will actually get rid of odors, not mask them.

All Purpose Lemon Vinegar Cleaner Here’s an easy and toxic free diy household cleaner you can make with minimal effort. Place your leftover lemon peels, I like to peel mine, into a jar, and cover them with white vinegar. Cover and place in a cool dark location, then forget about it for two weeks. The lemon will infuse with the vinegar and create a lemony fresh scent. Strain and add to a spray bottle. You can dilute your cleaner with equal parts water. If you don’t have lemon peels, you can make an even simpler cleaning spray with a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water. I use distilled white vinegar. Or go even simpler and just use vinegar. This diy household cleaner save you $ and is an easy way to take steps towards a toxic free home and lifestyle. * Lemon is naturally anti bacterial, anti septic, a natural bleach, and smells refreshing! *Vinegar is a triple threat, and is used in cleaning, gardening, and cooking. #diycleaner #homemadecleaner #naturalcleaning #DIY #springcleaning #lemons #naturalhome #healthyliving #healthyhome #chemicalfree

First, gather (or purchase) your five supplies: a bowl, water, fresh lemon juice (not the pre-made kind), distilled white vinegar, and a clean spray bottle. You might also grab a stepladder to reach the top of your curtains. If you're lucky enough to have a patch of garden where you line dry some laundry items, you can use it for this project. If you do, you might take down your curtains and attach them to the line outside where they can air dry. Or just leave them in place on their curtain rods and open the windows and doors, and get a cross-ventilation going. Pro tip: Run a microfiber duster over your curtains before spraying.

The proportions are really easy. Mix together equal parts water, lemon juice, and white vinegar, and use a spouted measuring cup to pour the mixture into your spray bottle with minimal spilling. Work section by section from the top down, spraying your curtains evenly.

The acetic acid in vinegar has antibacterial properties. It actually neutralizes odors, so this hack should get rid of the problem. If, however, it's been years since you've engaged in a curtain de-stinking project, you may need to take supplementary actions.

The day you spritz your curtains, you might also consider placing a bowl filled with white vinegar in the room. This will also pull out additional room odors. Keep it out of the way to prevent spills; you might want to keep pets out that day. If after doing this odors are still clinging to your curtains, consider laundering them. Instead of laundry detergent, use a half cup of vinegar. While vinegar won't stain, it's strong. We recommend you premix the half cup into a cup or two of water before putting it into the washing machine, especially if there's no detergent dispenser. If all of this still isn't completely working, you may want to investigate unexpected reasons your house smells musty like pet stains, lack of air circulation, or old foods in the fridge.